Your time travel debugger

DevTools provides you with the full context so you can understand the state of your web application at any point in time.
It's like reproducing bugs in your own browser.

Inspect network activity

Spot missing resources in network logs and uncover problematic calls by inspecting request and response data, including bodies and status codes.
Feature 1
Feature 1

Performance monitoring

Keep an eye on your app's performance by monitoring critical slowdowns, CPU / memory usage, crashes, rendering times and more.

State monitoring

Get & to the root cause even faster by tracking your application's state throughout the session.
Supported Integrations: Redux, VueX NgRx, MobX
Feature 1
Feature 1

Error tracking and management

Javascript errors are captured and sync'ed with recordings. Upload your source-maps and see the source code right in the stack trace.

Turbocharge your stack

Plug in your favorite tools and sync errors and other events in your stack with session replays for better observability.
Feature 1

More Features

Session Replay

See everything users do on your site. Understand where and why they struggle and troubleshoot all kinds of issues faster.

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In-person experience for supporting and onboarding users through live sessions and videos (WebRTC) all without requiring any third-party software.

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Create and analyze funnels using OpenReplay extensive data and surface the most impactful issues causing conversion and revenue loss.

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