Proactively fix what's broken

Funnels surfaces the most important opportunities to improve conversions and
highlight key user sessions for measuring and understanding impact.

Understand why users drop off,
not just where

Explore your most important conversion funnels with easy to use features and measure results.
Feature 1
Feature 1

Answers to questions you didn't think of

We surface the most impactful opportunities to improve conversions through dozens of issues we automatically keep track of such as errors, slow pages, crashes, memory leaks, rage clicks and more.

Review key sessions

OpenReplay highlights key user sessions to help you cut through analytics clutter and take the most adequate action.
Feature 1

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DevTools help you see and understand the state of your application at any point in time. Reproduce bugs, answer questions and fix issues fast.

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In-person experience to support & onboard users through live sessions and videos (WebRTC). All without any third-party software.

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Create and analyze funnels using OpenReplay extensive data and surface the most impactful issues causing conversion and revenue loss.

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