Co-browse with your customers,
directly on your site.

Engage users when they're most likely to convert, with live session replay and video calls.
No meeting links. No downloads.

Find users

Search and find online users needing help in seconds.
Find registered users by entering user id and resolve their sessions
See them browse live

See them browse live

Watch everything users do in real-time. It's like sitting next to them while they're browsing your site.

Meet them face-to-face

Hop on a video call and engage visitors. OpenReplay Assist is ideal for support, on-boarding or sales purposes.
Feature 3
Feature 4

Fix their issues

Show, don't tell. Guide them through your site and cut handle times with an in-person experience.

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Session Replay Guide

Unlock the Power of Session Replay

Understand what session replay is, how it helps, and why it matters for developers, product managers, designers, and customer support teams.