OpenReplay vs PostHog

OpenReplay vs PostHog: Seeking simplicity or sinking in complexity?

Clarity with every click, simplicity at every step.
With OpenReplay, find insights without the clutter— build better products, simply.

Feature comparison: the OpenReplay difference

See how OpenReplay compares with PostHog on crucial features, helping you make an informed decision easily.

Capability OpenReplay
Session Replay
React Native
Tabbed Browsing
Tag & Watch Elements
Canvas / WebGL
Product Analytics
Path Analysis
Retention Coming Soon
Stickiness Coming Soon
Features audit Coming Soon
Form Analysis Coming Soon
Surveys and Feedback
Coming Soon
Feature Flags
A/B Testing
Usability Testing
Live sessions
Video Calling
Remote Control
Multi-Session View
Data Export
Cloud Plans
Self-Hosted Offering
Source-Code Available

Get the best of both worlds:
with great product comes great pricing — only with OpenReplay

Why settle for complexity? OpenReplay offers simple and predictable pricing: unlimited sessions and full feature access at a single price, free of surprises. Unlike PostHog's complex, volume-based separate pricing for each feature.

PostHog vs OpenReplay Pricing Pricing information and image source

Self-Host, side by side

“Hobby” or Enterprise, we treat you the same.

🌊 Flexible deployment options on AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes 🐳 Docker Compose Only
🔐 Full access to all core features 🔒 Access limited to core features; advanced features not available.
Responsive community support (Slack) 😶‍🌫️ No support

Feature spotlight: see the OpenReplay advantage

Session Replay

Unified session replay with tabbed browsing

Follow your user journey across different tabs to quickly find and fix bugs without having to jump from one recording to another.


Full-fledged DevTools

Track network issues, analyze resource use, and manage JavaScript errors with detailed insights, all in one place.

Session Replay

Co-browse in real-time

Transform your customer support and onboarding with live session replay and video calls. OpenReplay's co-browsing capabilities, powered by webRTC, allows you to interact with customers in real-time, enhancing engagement and resolving issues faster.

See it, believe it, try it now

Inside look of session replays, DevTools, product analytics, and feature flags.

Session Replay DevTools Signup Trend Path Analysis

Discover why OpenReplay is the right tool for you

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.

Self-host Plan


Deploy anywhere & keep full control over your data.

Community Edition Free. Source available
Enterprise Edition Enterprise-grade security and scale.
Cloud Plan


All core features. Get started for free in a few clicks.

Dedicated Dedicated instance. Billed hourly.
Serverless For low or variable traffic.