Session Replay

Relive your users experience. Feel their struggle, uncover hidden issues and build stellar experiences.
Session Replay

Pixel-perfect session replay

See everything users do on your web app, down to the smallest detail. Understand all frustrations and visually get to the "why" of every issue.
Combine replays with metrics to unlock powerful insights
Session Replay
Omni Search

Omni Search - No tag required

Search and filter by almost any interaction, attribute or technical event. OpenReplay automatically captures and indexes all events .
Discover how to make the most of Omni Search

Session X-Ray

Site is crashing or slow to respond? Users are frustrated with dead and rage clicks? OpenReplay automatically uncovers all sorts of issues by analyzing each session based on heuristics.
Session X-Ray
User Identification

Link sessions to users and identify events using user metadata.

Link every session with its corresponding user and attach all details you need to quickly get to the history of any customer that browsed your site.
Learn how to identify users

Data Sanitization

Choose what to capture and what to ignore so users are fully protected. Not enough? self-host it anywhere for a full control over your data.
Learn how to sanitize data
Data Sanitization

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Unlock the Power of Session Replay

Understand what session replay is, how it helps, and why it matters for developers, product managers, designers, and customer support teams.