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A full-featured session replay suite you can self-host, so your customer data never leaves your infrastructure.

Session replay, analytics and cobrowsing
Session Replay

See everything users do on your web app, down to the smallest detail. Understand all frustrations and visually get to the "why" of every issue.

Developer Tools

Provides the full context so you can understand the state of your web application at any point in time and get to the root cause of any issue.

Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on your app's performance by monitoring critical slowdowns, CPU / memory usage, crashes and more.

Feature Flags

Enable or disable a feature, make gradual releases and A/B test all without redeploying your app.

Product Analytics

Get complete understanding of how users are using your app, and take action to fix conversions and increase retention.


Engage users when they're likely to convert. Guide them to a resolution with cobrowsing, annotations and calls.

Full control over your data. Full stop.

Session replay platform you can self-host, so your customer data never leaves your infrastructure.

Compliance Questions?

No more sharing of your data with 3rd parties. Have full control over what's captured.


No more lengthy compliance and security checks. Deploy it on your servers and avoid unwanted 3rd processors.

Privacy Controls

Fine-grained privacy features for sanitizing user data.

Data Security & Controls

Audit our codebase or supercharge it by building your own plugins and services.

Robust Infrastructure

Self-Host or Cloud

Host your session replay tool yourself and stop sending data to third parties.


Follow our guides and videos to deploy OpenReplay onto your infrastructure.

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Session Replay

Developer Tools

Performance Monitoring

Product Analytics


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