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Session Replay

Session Replay

See what users do on your web app, down to the smallest detail. Understand all frustrations and visually get to the "why" of every issue.

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Session Replay


DevTools offers full context, eliminating the need for bug reports and screenshots, helping you pinpoint issues effortlessly.

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Session Replay

Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on your app's performance by monitoring critical metrics and get a sense of what's impacting conversion and engagement.

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Session Replay

Product Analytics

Make data-driven decisions by monitoring trends, users behavior, and performance statistics to optimize product.

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Session Replay


Engage users when they're most likely to convert with live session replays. Guide them to a resolution with co-browsing, annotations and calling.

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Session Replay


Seamlessly integrate your tools with OpenReplay, synchronizing your backend logs with session replays to gain deeper, context-rich insights.

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Session Replay & DevTools for Developers

Find out how OpenReplay's tailor made developer tools can enhance product engineering, from detailed debugging to user experience optimization.

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Analytics & Session Replay for Product Managers

Streamline product strategy with key tools including Session Replay, Product Analytics, and Feature Flags, all designed for product success.

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Co-browsing & Video Calling for
Customer Support

Improve customer support efficiency and satisfaction with real-time co-browsing, video calling and advaced troubleshooting tools.

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Session Replay provides a visual representation of a user's journey through your website or application. By capturing every click, scroll, and interaction, it allows you to see exactly how users navigate, where they encounter issues, and what parts of your site or app engage them the most. This insight is invaluable for identifying usability problems, optimizing user flows, and enhancing overall user experience. It goes beyond traditional analytics by showing not just what users do, but how they do it.
Developers can utilize Session Replay to visually replay user sessions and pinpoint where issues occur. This visual context helps in quickly understanding the problem. Integrated DevTools can then be used to delve into the technical details, inspecting code, network requests, and console logs relevant to that moment in the session. This combination streamlines the debugging process, as developers can see both the user's experience and the technical backend in tandem, leading to faster identification and resolution of bugs.
Product Managers can use Analytics to gather quantitative data like user engagement metrics, conversion rates, and user demographics. Session Replay complements this by providing qualitative insights - it shows how users interact with the product, highlighting areas of friction or confusion. Combining these tools, Product Managers can make informed decisions to enhance features, streamline user journeys, and prioritize development efforts based on both the 'what' and the 'why' of user behavior.
Co-browsing and Video Calling together provide an immersive and interactive support experience. Co-browsing allows support agents to see and interact with the customer's screen in real-time, guiding them through complex processes, troubleshooting issues directly, or demonstrating how to use certain features. When combined with Video Calling, it adds a personal touch, enabling face-to-face communication. This combination not only speeds up resolution times but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and efficient support experience.
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Understand what session replay is, how it helps, and why it matters for developers, product managers, designers, and customer support teams.